Our clients find our approach and working style inspiring and refreshingly different.

How we work:

Our Goal is Your Success

  • We challenge conventional thinking.
  • We partner with our clients: They own their strategies, process and results.
  • We support our clients where they most benefit on their change journey.
  • We share our clients’ ambitions to improve, change or transform their organisation.
  • We use proven tools and methodologies but we are not dogmatic.
  • We harness our clients’ strengths and talent; and address gaps and weaknesses.
  • We work with leaders, managers, teams and individuals and respect each of their contributions.
  • We are passionate about continuously improving our own practices and innovation along side other thought leaders and world-class practitioners.
  • We facilitate the development of our clients’ own competencies.
  • We support our clients throughout their strategy execution journey.

Our Partners: we partner with companies and professionals who complement our know-how


CONNECTEDHR is a Dubai and UK based business and partners with clients to support greater integration with their human capital strategies and a deeper perspective both pre & post talent acquisition.   In Doha, Qatar we operate in a partnership agreement with Doha International Consulting.ConnectedHR is an independent business, providing services ranging from Learning & Development solutions, Psychometric Assessment and Development, Strategic HR solutions, to bespoke Executive Search Services for those ‘critical’ role and/or sometimes ‘difficult to fill’ roles and we are made up of HR professionals, with creativity and flexibility at our core.



Enhancing Leadership and Innovation: YBP is the only consultancy catalyst company in the world, working on Collaboration and Innovation using a pluralistic method based on the value of the person, the beauty of art and the collective solution. Today, this is the most effective way to bring change within companies. Our mission is to help companies grow, help them develop their people and improve continuously over time.
We design, execute and evaluate Change Management, Collaboration and Innovation projects. Learn more at ybusinesspartner.com


ClearPoint Strategy Logo

ClearPoint is a SaaS reporting application that allows you to combine goals, metrics and projects into one easy to manage location.  Perfect for Balanced Scorecard implementations, ClearPoint allows you to manage and execute your strategy in one place, with no version control issues.  Become a reporting superhero, impress your executive team, and tame your reporting process.  Learn more at clearpointstrategy.com