Organisation: A global financial services organisation, located across multiple regions.

Client Case 01

Organisation: A global financial services organisation, located across multiple regions

Summary: Corporate strategy plan with an integrated execution framework to ensure alignment of all regional business units and group functions

Description of service provided:

  • Pan Regional Strategic Framework – clarity on the regional vision, role of the corporate, and expectations from the countries – captured on the Enterprise level Strategy Map with strategic objectives, measures and targets, and initiatives;
  • Regional level framework – illustrate the contribution of each country to achieving the pan regional strategic priorities with aligned targets and defined initiatives;
  • Functional level – in cross functional workshops developed accountability model which explicitly outlined what requirements for each function, their targets and timeline;
  • Designed and facilitated fora to address interdependencies, change and execution issues as they arose;
  • Provided training and coaching to build in-house strategy management competencies to apply the framework effectively;
  • Created a monitoring, tracking and reporting approach;
  • Provided coaching on the integration of strategy content into the organisation’s established communication and engagement process to support organisational awareness and alignment;
  • Provided various coaching and mentoring interventions and support for the implementation of the strategy and the management approach from 2011-2013