We facilitate management teams
to have the right strategic discussions.


  • Are you struggling to build leadership consensus on strategic priorities?
  • Do you have too many conflicting agendas?
  • How do you drive accountability and visible leadership commitment for the implementation?
  • Even with a clear strategy, are people falling back into old behaviours?
  • Are roles clearly defined?
  • Are strategy meetings focused on discussing the right issues and on making the right decisions to keep moving the strategy forward?

Facilitation Quote One

“It was the perfect balance between blue sky ambition and pragmatic knowledge transfer.”

IT Company Executive


IT Company Executive

“It was the perfect balance between blue sky ambition and pragmatic knowledge transfer.”

We design and facilitate senior team offsite meetings and retreats.

Our facilitators are experts in working with leadership teams to structure and facilitate management team offsites and help the team discuss key issues, share insights, be exposed to new practices and ideas and agree a course of action.

Offsite meetings usually last between 2 and 5 days and are held typically in a location of the organisation’s choosing although we are happy to recommend venues.

Indicative topics an organisation may ask us to facilitate during an offsite:

  • Refreshing or developing a new vision statement and strategic destination
  • Articulating the need for change and ‘From-To’ change agendas
  • Defining key strategic issues, trade-offs and implications
  • Updating the value proposition based on a review and clarification of future customer/stakeholder requirements and new markets
  • Drafting Strategy Maps and initial Balanced Scorecards
  • Identifying/prioritising an initial portfolio of transformational initiatives
  • Supporting team building activities and addressing challenging team dynamics
  • Discussing innovative concepts and how to apply them to the organisation

Prior work for participants or facilitator preparation activities may be required including management team interviews, review of strategy/business plans, and/or analysis such as SWOTs, RACI.