Strategy Clarification & Translation

  • Testing & updating mission and vision
  • Defining the transformation journey and the basis for change
  • Qualifying value gap
  • Challenging strategic options analysis and assessing risks to agree game plan
  • Articulating and mapping strategic roadmap
  • Developing and implementing Balanced Scorecard at enterprise, business units and functional levels

Operations & Budget Alignment

  • Cascading Corporate and Business Unit strategy to other organisational levels
  • Aligning operational plans with strategic priorities
  • Defining detailed roadmap and aligning operational dashboards to Balanced Scorecard
  • Aligning budgets with strategy and developing mechanisms for ongoing review and resource allocation

Strategy Execution Governance & Leadership

  • Facilitating the right conversations to surface and address strategic issues and to accelerate execution
  • Implementing strategy review process, cycle and accountabilities
  • Accelerating decision making and resource allocation
  • Designing reporting templates, tools and supporting tools
  • Integrating strategy with business planning and quarterly reporting processes
  • Creating alternative models to review performance & embedding strategic learning
  • Developing the Strategy Management role and function
  • Designing and implementing a dynamic process to test and adapt the strategy
  • Coaching the organisation to develop competency in managing strategy and in improving strategic thinking

Human Capital & Organisation Readiness

  • Developing and guiding strategic communication to engage and mobilise people
  • Aligning strategic objectives with team/individual performance management system
  • Identifying & acquiring strategic competencies
  • Transforming Human Capital management/reward & recognition model to motivate for the right behaviours and performance
  • Developing cross organisational mechanisms such as theme teams for strategic collaboration

Initiative Management & Implementation

  • Identifying and prioritising strategic initiatives to address performance gaps
  • Managing the implementation of initiative portfolio
  • Establishing and overseeing a Programme Management Office and cross-functional project teams
  • Facilitating peer review and dialogue to assess and address risks and strategic issues
  • Leveraging project evaluation and monitoring to provide insights for better performance