Strategy Leaders Roundtable – Top Female in partnership with ADU

SLR 121216 – Presentations


Thank you to all our attendees who made our senior executive Strategy Leaders Roundtable forum in Abu Dhabi on Monday 12 December 2016 a success.


This Strategy Leaders Roundtable was a forum designed for 20 top female leaders to discuss and share the key challenges they face in leading change, and mobilising their organisations for timely and effective execution of strategies. The participants had frank and open discussions about the unique sets of attributes and approaches women in leadership apply in tackling the challenges of Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times (VUCA).


We are grateful to our partner the Abu Dhabi University for promoting best practices in strategy management and working with us through its Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group to create a forum that fosters sharing of ideas.


We are grateful to our speakers, namely: Dr. Huda Matroushi, Shereen Al Nuwais, Yvonne Cadwell, Flo Janin, Hedaya Al Shamsi, Lisa Gulesserian, and Dr Sherine Farouk. We are grateful to Dr. Heather Friesen and Yasmine Natafji, without whom the event would not have been a success. We are also grateful to the participants, all of whom generously shared their experience and ideas.


If you are interested in participating at our next Strategy Leaders Roundtable, please send an email to