Strategy Community

Developing your Strategy Community:   

Strategy Leaders Roundtable

An 18 months rolling professional development programme for senior level executives seeking to enhance their know-how and expertise in leading and managing strategy and looking to develop broader competencies as leaders, managers and professionals.

The programme is organised around a series of Roundtable Events focused on developing relationships with a peer network from different sectors and types of organisations; sharing experiences and learning from one another; discovering one’s own development barriers and opportunities for personal growth; and expanding and/or consolidating competencies required to lead organisations through the strategy and growth journey.

From developing and planning strategy to aligning with operational processes and engaging people, to managing strategic projects, facilitating reviews and embedding on going learning; community members discuss best practices, pitfalls and difficulties they’ve had to face, explore innovative ways to tackle their challenges and learn together and individually.  Experts and guest speakers participate along side members of the Community to provoke new ideas, encourage reflection and self discovery, and enable learning and development.

It is a high impact, rigorous, interactive whole brain learning experience that combines in person working sessions, on line resources and remote support as well as practical cases.

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