We are constantly learning about and developing new ideas to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of thinking around strategy implementation. We’ve included below some resources that reflect both the latest areas of thinking and some useful starting points for people getting up to speed on Strategy Implementation.

We welcome feedback so do get in touch with us with your own thoughts and suggestions for further research.

Featured resources

Making Strategy Happen – guide series: part 1

The overall performance of an organisation is strongly influenced by how well its Business Units, Functions, Teams and Structure are aligned to its strategy.   Making Strategy Happen – series 250217- Step 1 Alignment

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Making Strategy Happen – guide series: part 2

Enable strategy execution by translating long-term strategic objectives into short-term operational action plans with aligned budget.   Making Strategy Happen – series 250217- Step 2 Link to Operations    

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Find out more about SMP

SMP – Who we are and What we do

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Strategy Management Partners featured

Summary talk by Dr. David P. Norton, ‘Leading Strategy Execution’, SMP Executive Event

A summary snapshot on how to design a best practice strategy management system

What are the key elements of a best practice strategy management system?

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Strategy Management for Leaders

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation – Enabling the implementation of national vision & strategy

The challenges of developing and implementing strategies at a national level are daunting; but are there key tools and approaches that can be applied to improve our ability to manage and assess performance at a country level?

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POV - Monitoring & Evaluation

“Are the Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model mutually exclusive or do they work together to bring added value to a company?”

Are quality models and Balanced Scorecard approaches compatible? Can the two be combined to bring about better results? In this white paper, we explore the merits of both models ad draw conclusions on the benefits of bringing them together.

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Other useful resources

Strategy Leaders Roundtable – Nigeria

Presentation – Strategy Leaders Roundtable – Public Sector_Abuja.compressed

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Creating Impact in the Pensions Sector

Service Delivery for Impact – WorldPensionSummit.compressed

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Public Sector Strategy Leaders – 10 Things to Get Right

Strategy Execution in the Public Sector comes with unique sets of challenges. At the last Strategy Leaders Roundtable with 20 Strategy Leaders from the sector we identified TEN things to get right.Strategy Development & Execution – Challenges for Pubic Sector Strategy Leaders.compressed        

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Strategy Leaders Roundtable – Top Female in partnership with ADU

SLR 121216 – Presentations   Thank you to all our attendees who made our senior executive Strategy Leaders Roundtable forum in Abu Dhabi on Monday 12 December 2016 a success.   This Strategy Leaders Roundtable was a forum designed for 20 top female leaders to discuss and share the key challenges they face in leading…

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Leading the Execution of Strategy

‘Leading Strategy Execution’ Senior Executive event in London

Thank you to all our attendees who made our senior executive event in London this past week so successful.  We are grateful to our speakers: Dr. David P Norton, co-founder of the Balanced Scorecard management philosophy, award winning author and strategy management expert; Cecile Frot-Coutaz, global CEO of Fremantle Media, and Robert Marrill, Managing Director…

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Strategy Management Partners featured

Keynote by Dr David Norton, SMP Executive Event

A leadership model for Strategy Execution: driving dramatic results from balancing right brain leadership with left brain tools
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Interview with Dr. Norton

Twenty years on, is the discipline of strategy management well and truly part of the management team's arsenal?
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Making Strategy Happen at Fremantle Media

Keynote presentation, Strategy Management Partners 'Leading Strategy Execution' Executive Event


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Useful Content from our Partners

How to lead Strategy Review meetings

  Download Ebook: How To Lead Effective Strategy Review Meetings Just talking about strategy won’t get you anywhere. You need to execute. Your leadership team can come up with strategic objectives all day long, but it won’t help your organization grow if you don’t know how to transition from talking todoing. The success and productivity…

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Strategy Execution Toolkit

Download e-book: The 41-Page Strategy Execution Toolkit Nine out of 10 organizations fail to execute strategy. Avoid failure with this toolkit. Transition your executive team from an outdated purpose statement and some disjointed goals to a full-fledged strategy map. We’ll take you through the process with examples and blank worksheets so you’ll be the proud…

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5 For-Profit Sample Strategy Maps

Download e-book: Ready to see strategic success in your company? It’s time to put the Balanced Scorecard to work. To clearly achieve your objectives, a unified strategy is a must—and strategy mapping is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. In this ebook, you’ll find five Balanced Scorecard strategy maps for these for-profit…

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